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Frequently Asked Questions

Rustic Dovetail Siding FAQs

What is the rustic log siding made of?
We are currently manufacturing a kilned dried select structural grade inland Douglas Fir. It is available in various textures.

How well does dovetail siding withstand deterioration from weather?
Weather resistance depends greatly on the location of the product, overhang of roofing and the durability of the finish product applied. Our original installations in the Rocky Mountains have handled the local climate very well since 2011.

Are custom widths available?
Rustic Dovetail Siding™ is only offered in 12″ width including the chinking.

Do you ship to my location?
We work with qualified installers and dealers nationwide.

What finish does it come in?
We ship unfinished and in a variety of color tones as a prefinished product.

How is the chinking applied?
We are supplying a pre-chinked piece with not other chinking required. Please note if custom work is required, it may need additional chinking.

I have doors and windows in my house, how do I deal with these areas?
Please contact our design team for detail drawings, literature and consultation regarding window and door cutouts and trim options.

What lengths are available?
Rustic Dovetail Siding & Horizontal Siding is available in 2′ increments with a maximum size of 12′.

Who installs the siding?
Rustic Dovetail Siding can be installed by any qualified installer or contractor.